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Create consistent social media marketing content, schedule posts, identify target audiences, drive engagement, and interact with your followers. We can provide content creation or recommendations to help you reach a specific audience, launch a campaign, or simply strengthen your overall social media presence. Available for long-term partnership or short-term projects. 

Photography & Videography

Film or photograph the important moments for your business. Photo and video content will be permanently available for your company's use in marketing strategies such as social media content, website visuals, email marketing and more. Equipment provided by Coast Media. We will direct, shoot and edit the content for you and send you the footage by your preferred method.

SEO - search engine optimization

Rank higher on Google and other search engines for your business. We will optimize your website and Google My Business account to get you ranking higher for desirable keywords. Available only for website providers including Wix, Squarespace and Wordpress.

copywriting & written content

Create and/or proofread social, editorial, and written content before publishing.  Generate topic ideas and write blogs, articles, captions, emails, etc. to help you connect with your audience and tell the story of your brand. This includes email marketing services in which we can design engaging visuals and write effective subject lines and body copy for your emails.

website design & maintenance

Design an optimal website to help your business or personal brand succeed. Create or maintain your website, establish effortless user navigation experiences, and customize your website elements. Platforms we use include Squarespace, Wix, and Wordpress. Having an efficient website helps attract and retain customers and followers - driving your growth!

graphic design & digital content

Create visuals for your brand - graphics, logos, videos, thumbnails, marketing materials - any content you need to help tell your story. Proficient in visual design tools such as Canva, Adobe Creative Suites, and Final Cut Pro.


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